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Welcome to LCW Mailbox Cleaners
a Lowcost-webspace service.

Get 5 Mailbox cleaners for just $4.95 per month
See details for other packages available.

Welcome to the Low Cost Webspace Mailbox Cleaning Service where we put you, the customer, as the top priority on our list.

Our aim is to provide a hands free efficient web based Mailbox Cleaning service at an affordable cost. Whether you are new to the Internet or a seasoned professional one major problem when advertising is keeping your Mailboxes clean. Doing this manually takes valuable time that you could better spend on other things, such as having some extra quality time with your family and friends.

Key Advantages of our Mailbox cleaning service.
  • You can start with 5 and upgrade if you need to.
  • Our cleaners will clean most POP3 type mailbox's.
  • Ideal if you are using safelists for advertising, or you need to clean out a mailbox that is getting lots of spam.
  • Set it and forget it. Unlike many cleaners where you have to log in and enter the email address to be cleaned.
  • Each cleaner can be run in manual or automatic mode.
  • Cleaning results are studied by us and analyzed at least twice a day to ensure we run them at an optimal setting.
  • You can call up the last cleaning result for all your mailboxes at the click of a button from inside the members area.
Other advantages especially for safelist users are that you know that if you have to go away for a while such as on vacation, a business trip, or unfortunately hospitalization, you can be sure you are not going to overrun your mailbox quota and start bouncing emails.

Please note, at this time we can only clean POP3 type mailboxes, but one of our projects is looking at extending the service to IMAP type Mailboxes. If you need a good pop3 mailbox we recommend Cwazy.co.uk.

We have a basic starter package of  5 cleaners for just  $4.95 per month.
If you need more than 5 then we have the following options.
  • 10 cleaners for $9.45 per month.
  • 15 cleaners for $13.95 per month.
  • 20 cleaners for $18.45 per month.
  • for more than 20 please feel free to contact us.
We have provided the option to upgrade should you need to inside the members area.


Please take a while to browse through our site and check out our products page where you can find a range of services that we offer, including web hosting to meet any budget, starting at only $2.99 a month up to $8.49 a month, and comprehensive templates packages at a very reasonable price.

Also don't miss our Be SAFE on the Internet page.



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